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Ilya Shabanov
Bioprodmash Director General
«The factory was built in accordance with European standards and building codes and regulations, which is confirmed by the State Expertise approval. Fire protection, sanitary and technological regulations are fully implemented. We are proud of our factory and always happy to conduct excursions for our customers».
The factory capacity is 250 tons of finished products per month. Now you don't have to wait for goods from Europe, get them the day after paying for your order.
Take the goods from our warehouse in Kresttsy (it is located between Moscow and St. Petersburg, M10 highway) or order delivery. We deliver our goods to the Central and North-Western regions in 3 days, and to more remote areas (for example, the Far Eastern Federal District) - in 20 days.
Each batch is tested for moisture, fractional conformity, hydration and fat retention in our own laboratory. We set up and launched our equipment with specialists from Germany.
Where is our fiber used?
Meat industry
Dairy products industry
Confectionery products
Pet food
Bakery product manufacturing
Sauce manufacturing
Juice, lemonade manufacturing
Healthy food and sports supplements
Types of fiber
Profiber 90
Size — 90 µm
Hydration — not less than 1: 5
Fat retention — not less than 1: 4
Bag weight — 20 kg
Europallet weight — 600 kg
Profiber 200
Profiber 500
Size — 200 µm
Hydration — not less than 1: 6
Fat retention — not less than 1: 6
Bag weight — 15 kg
Europallet weight — 495 kg
Size - 500 µm
Hydration - not less than 1: 9
Fat retention - not less than 1: 7
Bag weight - 10 kg
Europallet weight - 330 kg
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